Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playgroup confiscates 2 year old's cheese sandwich

A toddler at a playgroup near Manchester had the cheese sandwich from his lunchbox confiscated by deranged teachers because it did not accord with their “healthy eating guidelines”. The child, Jack Ormisher, was offered fruit, nuts, seeds etc by the teachers as compensation.

If he was older he might have had the wherewithal to shout back at them: “Do I look like a bloody chaffinch, you self-important, doctrinaire, Stalinist harridans?” But he didn’t, because he was only two years old, so he just cried his eyes out instead. What can we do about these people?

The various scolds (lead by Nanny Rudd and Nurse Roxon) that we have allowed to infest our public life and the bureaucracy need to be got rid of.

I suspect they actually do more harm than good with their so-called "healthy eating" campaigns.

For me there is absolutely no surprise to the fact that we have more and more children presenting to hospitals with eating disorders.

We're busily making kids neurotic about their food and it is showing.

The basic facts are that the so-called "epidemic" of childhood obesity stalled over ten years ago, (and the authoritative research findings continue to show this), and the general population continues to live longer and healthier lives on a diet that the shrieking scolds keep promising us is going to put us into an early grave.

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