Friday, May 28, 2010

Rudd on advertising "you have my absolute guarantee that will occur - 100 per cent guarantee"

Not just the most incompetent government in recent memory, the most dishonest and deceitful as well.
Barrie Cassidy holds a liar to account for deciding to spend $38 million on taxpayer-funded ads arguing for his super profits tax:
In opposition, in an interview with Kerry O’Brien (video here), Kevin Rudd promised he would ban all publicly funded advertising within three months of an election - “unless explicitly agreed between the leader of the government and the leader of the opposition.
O’Brien: “Is that what you will promise to do in a Labour government?”

Rudd: “That is an absolute undertaking from us. I believe this is a sick cancer within our system. It’s a cancer on democracy.”
Then in a later doorstop interview, he guaranteed he would have a process in place run by the auditor-general to vet these advertisements.

A journalist asked: “Would you resign if you didn’t deliver that in your first term?”
Rudd: “… you have my absolute guarantee that will occur - 100 per cent guarantee. And each one of you here can hold me accountable for that.”
Well he did put the auditor-general in charge in his first year; then replaced him in his third year. Now the advertisements are flowing thick and fast...
It’s a few months since I described the Rudd Government as the most deceitful in living memory. Many of those who didn't believe me then will believe me now.

Yes, the most deceitful. And now corrupt.
Much more here.

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