Monday, May 31, 2010

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers

You can see it here.

Okay, the result that organisers of the so-called "humanitarian" relief convoy for Gaza so dearly wanted has eventuated.

Let's be quite clear here. This was a planned and manufactured event. Both Israel and Egypt had offered to the organisers the use of one of their ports with an absolute guarantee that, once checked for weapons, all the cargo would be transported to Gaza.

But that didn't suit the real reasons why the flotilla was planned and the offers were rejected.

And let's clear something else up here. It is not an "Israeli" blockade of Gaza.

It is an Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza.

Gaza's southern border isn't with Israel, it is with Egypt. There can be no Israeli blockade of Gaza as such for the simple reason that Israel does not control that part of the border and goods and services could pass into Gaza freely if Egypt wished it so.

So a couple of questions for you: why does the media almost without exception persist in only referring to "Israel's blockade" when this is clearly not true, and why does Gaza's Arab neighbour also feel that a blockade is necessary? Dare I suggest that it may have something to do with the insane religious fascists and fundamentalists from Hamas?

And indeed, as you can see from this YouTube video , large amounts of food, medical and other supplies actually move from Israel into Gaza all the time. Even the "blockade" is not much of a blockade.

Now, apart from the disturbing growth of virulent anti-Semitism on the political Left, including even the revival of the Blood Libel* against the Jews, part of the reason for the totally biased and unbalanced treatment of Israel stems from the fact that the Left likes to see things in simplistic terms of good versus evil. It loves a "victim" that it can then lavish total devotion upon. The chosen victim can do no wrong and is absolved completely of responsibility for its own actions.

So Hamas calls for the Jews to be driven into the sea, promotes the most vile of racist stereotypes about Jews and fires rockets at civilian targets in Israel and the reaction of the Left, (and thus most of the media), is to either ignore these things or to make excuses for them.

You see, the Palestinians are the "victims," and thus must be protected from the consequences of what they choose to do.

So the obsessive focus comes onto the other side that has been marked as "evil." This side of course can do no right and its motives are always malign.

So we see again and again this scenario playing itself out - after endless violent and vicious provocations Israel strikes back at its attackers, only to be condemned by "enlightened" opinion in the West.

A disturbing question lying behind all of this is why so many on the political Left have chosen to throw their lot in with religious crazies in the Middle East who stand against everything they say they believe in.

Free and open societies? Forget it. Women's rights? What rights? A woman is effectively the property of her husband. Gay and lesbian rights? Well, they have a right to be stoned to death or have walls collapsed on them or to be thrown from the roofs of tall buildings. (So it is no surprise that so many young gay and lesbian Palestinians try to enter Israel to escape this fate because - let's just think about this shall we - it is against the law in Israel to persecute homosexuals.)

So there is a country in the Middle East that protects even the rights of Palestinians living illegally within its borders, is a genuine democracy that lets its Arab citizens vote and which is a free, modern and open society more like ours, and yet which is subject to the most remorseless and dishonest vilification by so-called progressives here.

Something doesn't quite add up here does it?

*Traditionally the Jews were falsely accused of killing Christian children so that their blood could be used to make matzah, despite the fact that Judaism strictly forbids the consumption of blood, which is of course one of the chief concerns of kosher butchering, ie that not only is the blood drained from the animal, but that as many blood vessels are removed as possible.

Today, this lie has been revived with lurid stories about how Israel, that is the Jews, traffics the organs of Palestinian children. This absurd fabrication even made its way onto Swedish television.

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