Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Blairpoll exclusive, with very funny Q&A from John Clarke and Brian Dawe

From Tim Blair. The what other language does Kevin Rudd speak question and answer is hilarious.
Three Labor-voting friends tell me they won’t be voting Labor in 2010. Now, this is not scientifically-accurate polling data – that would require at least five Labor-ditching friends – but it is interesting that all identified Kevin Rudd as the sole reason for their change of view.

“I’m over him,” said one, a lifetime Laborite who has never voted against the party. “He’s lost me,” said another, who comes from a solid Labor family and who rejoiced at John Howard’s 2007 defeat. “I was wrong,” said the third, who campaigned for Rudd three years ago. All views were offered without prompting, and are reflected by recent polls:
In the poll released by the union-aligned Essential Research, Federal Labor’s primary vote fell 11 points in six months to just 37 per cent and it was now only marginally more popular than the NSW Government …

In a sign that the Prime Minister is now Labor’s greatest liability, 39 per cent of voters said they could still trust Mr Rudd, a fall of more than 10 per cent in six months.
Yet polls showed that support, while sliding away from Rudd, was not drifting towards Tony Abbott. Until now:
Secret polling has revealed Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is the most popular leader in key marginal seats as support dives for both Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his deputy Julia Gillard.

It can be revealed that both Coalition and Labor polling shows that support for Mr Rudd has collapsed in the marginals, with Liberal polling having his standing in negative figures …

Labor sources also confirmed Mr Abbott was now outpolling Mr Rudd as the more popular leader in the selected seats.

The collapse in support for the ALP leadership team in the marginal seats will drive the Coalition’s well-funded pre-election campaign. Liberal sources are reporting a rush of donations.
And the government is spooked. Now that Kevin Rudd has transformed from cuddly Kevin07 into the tense, glowering, Hyde-like creature that is Kevin7.30, some of his underlings are following the Prime Minister’s example. Observe as Craig Emerson, the Minister for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Small Business, reveals his anxiety during a Lateline interview. Also, formerly Labor-friendly jokesters are now discovering the fun to be had at Kevin Rudd’s expense:
Brian Dawe: Who is the environment minister?

John Clarke: Depends.

Dawe: Correct … other than the language we normally hear from Kevin Rudd, what other language does Kevin Rudd speak?

Clarke: English.

Dawe: Correct. What is the greatest moral challenge of our time?

Clarke: Parking.

Dawe: Correct. What is the Rudd government’s refugee policy?

Clarke: Keep them out and let them in.

Dawe: Correct.

Labor luvvies (ABC folk) and leaguies (my NRL-following Labor mates) seem to share an anti-Rudd attitude. Against all of this, of course, one-term governments just don’t happen. But Kevin Rudd is doing his level best to make it so.

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