Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ady Gil crew member says "Captain" Paul Watson approved Bethune taking a bow & arrows on board

But who knows? Watson, (who isn't a real captain at all), is on record saying he'll lie whenever it suits him.
Former Sea Shepherd boatist Peter Bethune is cast aside by his whaley mates:
Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune – on trial in Japan – has been expelled from Sea Shepherd, the conservation group he campaigned with, after he took a bow and arrows on to one of their vessels, it emerged today.

In a statement headlined “Remaining Aggressive and Nonviolent”, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sea Shepherd, Chuck Swift said the bow and arrows revealed to be in possession of Captain Bethune on the Ady Gil were “absolutely not in line” with the organisation’s policies.

Only a couple of months ago, Sea Shepherd “captain” Paul Watson said: “Pete Bethune’s a New Zealand hero, as far as I’m concerned.” A hero whose out-of-line armaments were approved by Watson, according to one of Bethune’s crew:
Ady Gil crew member Jason Stewart told TV3 that the presence of the bow and arrows had never been a secret, and he claimed Sea Shepherd head Paul Watson had given permission for them to be taken on the Ady Gil.

It’ll be interesting to hear Bethune’s current opinion of Watson and Sea Shepherd. From a Japanese prison, most likely.

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