Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MasterChef - cooking up tomorrow's conservatives with a dose of the real world?

Andrew Bolt considers the difference between his children's schools where "all must have prizes" and the reality TV of MasterChef where only one person can win.

Boy, do those people compete, knowing each dish could be their last. And their cooking sure improves, or seems to from as much as I can make out from licking the television.

Have you seen such serene looks of achievement as you get on the faces of each episode’s winner, who knows without doubt that they’ve pulled off something praiseworthy. Even extraordinary.

Such a meritocracy, with such savage consequences for failure, goes against so much of what we’ve taught in schools or dished out with the welfare payments.

Yet see how it goes down when served up in prime time to nearly two million applauding viewers. Like a Calombaris moussaka, actually, cooked with all the perfection that’s won only with pain.

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