Monday, June 7, 2010

The press pack turns on Rudd

Last question I think is particularly revealing about where the majority of the media's members politics lie.

The uniformly negative questions fired at Kevin Rudd by journalists at his doorstop yesterday suggests he’s now in deep trouble getting out a positive message:

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, what does it say that Peter Garrett didn’t know about the suspension of the ETS, that he read it in a newspaper? What does it say about the Government?

JOURNALIST: Mr Rudd, it was a pretty friendly reception in there this morning for you, you must be pretty happy with that- although today’s polls look as though you wouldn’t be getting that reception, you know, elsewhere in the country, in fact you’d probably not be in Government anymore. How does that make you feel?

JOURNALIST: Are you resorting to a fear campaign though, Prime Minister, by referring to Mr Abbott as now the alternative leader?

JOURNALIST: Your popularity and the Government’s popularity have plunged pretty dramatically. I’m just wondering, which decision do you regret the most?

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, you said that you’re calling a spade a spade. Is David Marr calling a spade a spade? He’s written a fairly colourful piece about his time with you, mentioned some rather obscure language as well. Is this on the record, is this correct?

JOURNALIST: What’s gone wrong?

JOURNALIST: But there’s something personal about this, it seems directed against you at the moment.

JOURNALIST: So are you angry at the core, as David Marr’s put it?

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister do you blame yourself for poor polling?

JOURNALIST: Mr Rudd (inaudible) we had a decade of the Howard Government, that Prime Minister then lost his seat. You know you had that incredible public support for the apology and signing Kyoto, you had record personal satisfaction. Just as Kevin can you tell us how disappointing this feels?

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