Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is it time to put the CSIRO out of its misery?

It had largely already degenerated into a sad joke compared to its glory days.

Simon McKeon has just the right credentials for the Gillard Government to appoint him our new CSIRO chairman. Sure, he’s got no scientific background at all, but he has the right attitude. For instance, he’s the kind of guy to snatch at any local quirk of the weather as evidence of global warming:
Mr McKeon recalls a rainy wind that blew regularly from the south-west across Waratah Bay, next to Wilsons Promontory… ”In the last few years, that wind has … evaporated,” Mr McKeon says.

This observation helped convince him to begin minimising carbon emissions.
And he’s dedicated himself to the politics of the utterly useless gesture:
.... his conviction has led him to become a business community ambassador for Earth Hour, advocating to businesses the value of switching off their lights for one hour at 8pm on March 29.
Claims that the IPCC quoted dodgy research to assert that 40 per cent of the Amazon was threatened by global warming have been withdrawn. Christopher Booker wonders why.

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