Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shock! Kathy Lette endulges in boring, stale and unfunny stereotypes about Australia

I'm actually a big fan of Julia Gillard. Intend to vote against the Labor Party at the next election, but that doesn't change my view that she is not only a person of immense ability and genuine human warmness, she is also the best person to lead the Labor Party at the moment and thus be this country's prime minister.

As for the infantile idiot Lette and those who are stupid enough to take her seriously....


Australia has its first ever woman Prime Minister — and the average Aussie male is quaking in his Ugg boots.

Why? Because Julia Gillard is not just a woman, she’s an unmarried, childless, proudly undomesticated feminist agnostic — who also happens to be shacked up with a hairdresser.

In the land of cold beer and untrammelled misogyny, this is about the worst kind of human being possible… Even worse, in the eyes of Australian manhood the new premier — who replaced Kevin Rudd after she challenged his leadership this week — is not even a proper Aussie.
Lette’s fantasy betrays not just the disdain felt by a member of the celebrity Left for what was once called the “lower classes”. It also betrays the fact that she hasn’t lived in Australia since the ‘70s.

The 1870s, I’d say, considering the staleness of her stereotypes.

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