Friday, June 25, 2010

It was Gillard and Swan who urged the dumping of the ETS and adoption of the mining tax

If this is true, then this must raise further doubts about Julia Gillard's grasp on economics and her political judgement. After all, it was she who was the architect of the insane Medicare Gold policy that did so much to damage Mark Latham.

And it is Ms Gillard who has presided over the administrative disasters that are the school computers program and the Building the Education Revolution (the program were builders have ripped off taxpayers for billions of dollars by massive over-charging for school buildings).

Though, to the contrary, the ETS decision was a good call. As more and more people came to realise that it would have no meaningful effect on the world's carbon emissions, but would still drive the cost of everything here up and make Australia less competitive against our competitors, it would have become poison for the government.

Patricia Karvelas has had the best account so far of the plotting that brought down Kevin Rudd. What she also reveals is that the new leadership duo of Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan are the very people who pushed on him the policies that finally destroyed him in the polls:
He gave a sombre speech (to Caucus in conceding), which was both “statesmanlike” but also dug the knife into Gillard and Swan - essentially blaming them for the RSPT and the abandonment of an ETS.
So if you are angry about the dumping of the emissions trading system or the imposition of a “super profits” tax, it isn’t Rudd you should want punished, but the two people who have deposed him.

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