Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A list of seats Labor was going to lose, including Maxine McKew's & Kate Ellis'

The internal Labor polling that brought down Rudd (actual figures withheld on request) showed a wipeout on the way:

Labor-held marginals:
Macarthur - huge loss
Macquarie - big loss
Swan - huge loss
Corangamite - big loss
Hasluck - huge loss

Bass - narrow retain
Bennelong - big loss, Bye bye, Maxine
Robertson - big loss
Solomon - big loss
Gilmore - huge loss
Herbert - huge loss

Deakin - narrow retain
Longman - big loss
Eden Monaro - big loss
Flynn - big loss
Page - narrow loss
Dawson - huge loss

Braddon - retain
Forde - loss
Franklin - retain
Brisbane - retain
Dobell - either way
Leichhardt - huge loss
Petrie - either way
Kingston - big loss
Hindmarsh- loss
Adelaide - loss. The photogenic Kate Ellis.
Wakefield- loss

Makin - retain

Coalition marginals
Bowman - Lib win
McEwan - Labor win (Fran Bailey retired)
Patterson - Lib win
La Trobe - Lib win
Cowan - Lib win
Dickson - Labor win (Peter Dutton’s dithering.)
Hinkler - Lib win
Hughes - Lib win
Sturt - Lib win
Ryan - Labor win (that sacked idiot Michael Johnson)
Cowper - Lib win
Stirling - Lib win
Labor’s net loss of seats predicted under Rudd: 18. And that’s presuming all the 50-50 contests went his way. Comfortable Liberal win.

LABOR party polling shows Julia Gillard is “miles ahead’’ of Kevin Rudd as preferred leader… The internal polling has been done across the key marginal seats that Labor will need to hold in the next federal election.

Sources within the party said things are looking “catastrophic’’ for the Prime Minister… “Voters are turning off Kevin in a very personal way, not just on the issues.’’

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