Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABN Newswire interviews Ian Plimer

via CCNet
It's a friendly interview, but interesting nonetheless. Professor Plimer makes most of the major points of his book Heaven and Earth: Climate Change: The Missing Science.
It's also on YouTube:
Plimer also has an opinion piece in this morning's The Australian:
He points to a wonderfully pompous, self-important and arrogant letter that seven academics have written to Australia's coal based power generators.
"The unfortunate reality is that genuine action on climate change will require the existing coal-fired power stations to cease operating in the near future.
"We feel it is vital that you understand this and we are happy to work with you and with governments to begin planning for this transition immediately."
My, that's big of them. They are also overflowing with empathy for all the people who are going to lose their jobs and their livelihoods because of this idiocy.
Plimer responds "electricity generating companies should reply by cutting off the power to academics' homes and host institutions, forcing our ideologues to lead by example."
It's one of those funny things about the loudest climate change boosters - they nearly always are pretty well-heeled themselves, but it's always other people who need to make the necessary sacrifices. Not them.
Like Tim Flannery and Al Gore, they will continue to fly around the world from one conference to the next, and then onto the latest celebrity media event or book launch, while looking down their noses at ordinary people having a cheap holiday in Bali.

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