Sunday, May 24, 2009

UN wants you to die of malaria

Yet more absurd and idiotic pandering to the green religion.
And really, given the total number of vehicles on the road worldwide and all other sources of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, hospital emergency vehicles would represent what?
A tiny fraction of a percent. You can see how deranged and unhinged the WHO is in claiming them to be major polluters.
Even add hospitals to the mix and their total contribution to human emissions would still be a fraction of a percent.
This is nothing more than pointless and useless attention seeking and grandstanding.
But that's the UN for you.

Andrew Bolt

Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 03:07pm

Hospitals should do more to treat not people, but the planet:
HOSPITALS and their emergency vehicles, which are major polluters, must join the fight against climate change, the World Health Organisation said.
Yes, that’s the same WHO also beating up the swine flu panic.
(Thanks to reader John McM.)
WHO’s latest pandering to the green Left:
In 2006, after 25 years and 50 million preventable deaths, the World Health Organization reversed course and endorsed widespread use of the insecticide DDT to combat malaria. So much for that. Earlier this month, the U.N. agency quietly reverted to promoting less effective methods for attacking the disease. The result is a victory for politics over public health, and millions of the world’s poor will suffer as a result.
The U.N. now plans to advocate for drastic reductions in the use of DDT, which kills or repels the mosquitoes that spread malaria. The aim “is to achieve a 30% cut in the application of DDT worldwide by 2014 and its total phase-out by the early 2020s, if not sooner,” said WHO and the U.N. Environment Program in a statement on May 6....
“Sadly, WHO’s about-face has nothing to do with science or health and everything to do with bending to the will of well-placed environmentalists,” says Roger Bate of Africa Fighting Malaria…
“We must take a position based on the science and the data,” said WHO’s malaria chief, Arata Kochi, in 2006. “One of the best tools we have against malaria is indoor residual spraying. Of the dozen or so insecticides WHO has approved as safe for house spraying, the most effective is DDT.” Mr. Kochi was right then, even if other WHO officials are now bowing to pressure to pretend otherwise.

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Brentbo said...

The problem with environmentalists is not that they're stupid; usually they're not. The problem is that they're confidently irrational.

Here's an interesting quote: "You could spray all the at-risk homes in Guyana for a year with the same amount [of DDT] you would have used once on a 10-acre cotton field in the 1950s,"