Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speaking from a rich history within the discourse of whiteness

If there is one thing I hate more than just about anything else, that's pompous post-modern wankers.

Tim Blair

Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 04:58pm

Deep thoughts from Casey, who possibly is familiar with Australia’s institutions of higher learning:

It is apparent that Clare has been socialised within a culture where racism towards immigrant groups is normalised to the point that the word is used unproblematically and not necessarily with an intent to degrade or humiliate, though it functions best in that capacity and never loses that intent. But the word is much more loaded than even that and Clare speaks from a rich history within the discourse of whiteness on the function and the benefits to the dominant culture of “not being quite white” in Australia.
Its about the role that those who are not quite white, as opposed to being Black, play in assuring the the white nation of their own legitimacy …
This word assures white Australia of its own legitimacy in Indigenous land. This wog other functions in a way the original other never can, which is why the Indigenous other, is often absented all together and appears and disappears from public view with regular monotony.
Well, obviously.

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