Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Proving the GOP Isn't 'Anti-Science' - By Promoting Creationism

"Includes numerous misspellings, grammatical mistakes, misplaced apostrophes, and odd capitalization, of course. This is a capsule image of one of the GOP’s major problems. It’s too depressing to go through the whole mess line by line, gentle readers, but here’s an excerpt that will give you the flavor of it:"
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There is of course room for intelligent design in the context of philosophy and religious studies.
But the dishonest facade of its scientific credentials collapsed some time ago and its proponents are on record about their religious and not scientific motivation.

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Brentbo said...

The theories of evolution, gravity and relativity will never be 'proved' in the sense that they will move beyond controversy so that no further scientific inquiry is needed. 'Theory' doesn't mean 'unproved fact candidate'; a scientific theory is more like 'the operative if incomplete explanation for observed natural phenomena.' Proof is for lawyers; science is about understanding.