Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who got suckered by the chk-chk boom girl?

The honest answer is just about everybody. But some are now trying to rewrite history a tad. And really, you've got to draw a very long bow to work Sarah Palin into the story , but that's no trouble for obsessive lefties.
Though I'm not sure Crikey got her comments right. I thought she said "I'll call my ballistics boys" or something like that.
Melbourne leftoid Jeff Sparrow tells his Crikey pals:
Clare Werbeloff is Australian for Sarah Palin.
Well, not quite. Palin’s still talked about as a Republican candidate for the next presidential poll whereas the Werbeloff express will probably come to a screeching stop at a station called Celebrity Big Brother or Ralph magazine.
But there are definite parallels. Contemporary conservatism demands only two things from its heroes: they must be photogenic and they must enrage liberals.
Think back to how right-wing pundits reacted to Sarah Palin’s initial speech at the Republican National Convention, and compare to the conservative blogs that launched the Werbeloff clip.
But as powerful as we conservative blogs are, we can’t claim all the credit (perhaps only 90 per cent of it). Lesser sites were also enthralled by Clare’s charming chk-chkness, and it would be unfair to deny their contribution. Here’s Crikey on May 18, when Nine’s clip was first made available:
You have to watch the footage to fully appreciate the voxpopping beauty of Sydney nighclubbers when confronted with what appears to be some Kiwi street violence …
Particularly wonderful is “Clare” and her description of a shooting in Kings Cross over the weekend:
“There were these two wogs fighting, and the fatter wog said to the skinnier wog, ‘Oi bro, you slept with my cousin, eh?’. And the other one said ‘Nah man, I didn’t do shit eh?’. And the other one goes, ‘I’ll call all my fully sick boys’ and then they pulled out a gun…”
On the same day, unaware of Crikey‘s piece, I ran this:
A witness describes a Sydney shooting. She also does accents.
Although similarly apolitical, Crikey‘s launch seems rather more gushing. Who knew they were so conservative?

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Jonathan Crabtree said...

Then this Arab said to this Italian, hey my numerals are fully sick bro, then an Aussie pulled out a digit and went Chk Chk Boom! http://bit.ly/dCHuF

If only real news was that simple. I've been working on a replacement for Arabic numerals for 25 years (you know the digits that replaced the Roman ones) and after succeeding, Channel 9 isn't interested!

So what do you think could make Australian Numerals go viral? It could be massive!

Jonathan Crabtree, Inventor