Thursday, May 21, 2009

There were these two wogs fighting....

Very un-PC description of the shooting. She even does the accents - without mocking them ;)


Tim Blair

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 03:03am

This is excellent:
Outspoken Sydney shooting witness Clare Werbeloff has become an overnight internet sensation — so much so, she has engaged a PR representative to deal with the flood of media interest.
The 19-year-old found fame online after giving her politically incorrect eyewitness account of a Kings Cross shooting to Nine News.

The resulting public attention has apparently been so overwhelming for Ms Werbeloff, who is from Sydney’s northern beaches, that’s she’s been forced to turn to a PR agency to manage her.
“She’s been inundated with calls this morning,” spokesman Adam Abrams told ninemsn this afternoon.
Incidentally, the skinnier wog is recovering in hospital. The fatter wog remains at large.
(Via Overington)
UPDATE. Kiwis don’t get it:
A foul mouthed Aussie, who was witness to a shooting in Sydney’s Kings Cross, has proved that it doesn’t take much to become famous in the digital age.
They’re just jealous that she’s more famous than New Zealand.

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