Thursday, May 28, 2009

Andrew Bolt likes an Australian film!

SAMSON and Delilah checks all the boxes I’ve come to associate with our terrible Australian films.
Taxpayer funded? Check.
Grim? Check. The very first scene shows an Aboriginal boy sniffing petrol.
Feted by the guilty-rich elite? Check that, too, after the Cannes Film Festival last weekend gave its prize for a first-time director to Warwick Thornton, an Aborigine from Alice Springs.
And did it get five stars from the ABC’s preachy David Stratton?
Oh, yes. Check again. Full house.
In fact, this low-budget film has extra warning lights I’d never dreamed of.
Its director seems a blame-whitey type, for instance, who insists “the Stolen Generation, that’s me”. So you can well guess what his film is like.
In fact, I went to a near deserted screening of it this week and can tell you. It’s great. 
The rest of the article - WITH SPOILERS! - is here.

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