Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tim Flannery "Prediction Watch"

Tim Flannery predicted in 2007 that Brisbane could run out of water by year’s end. Said the Flanster: “Even a year ago this would have been unthinkable. I think it’s the most extreme and the most dangerous situation arising from climate change facing any country in the world right now.” Time for Tim to calm down:
Heavy rainfall has pushed the combined level of South-East Queensland’s three major dams above the drought-breaking 60 per cent level …
Premier Anna Bligh broke the news on social networking website Twitter this morning, telling her followers: “Good news for SE Qld - our dams have now reached 60%!”.
But shameless serial exaggeration appears to be the modus operandi of climate alarmists.
And it really is shameless. One failed prediction is responded to by simply making another, or moving the dread event a little bit further into the future.
Despite the headlines, 2008 didn't happen to be the year with no summer sea ice in the Arctic. Indeed, there was more than in 2007. Now the predictions are safely far enough away to prevent any further embarrassment.
The Wilkins Ice Shelf seems to be on the "verge of collapse" every Antarctic summer these days. Last year's photos of the cracks were even recycled for the same story this year. Cracks? Funny thing for supposedly melting ice to do, but never mind.

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Brentbo said...

I got a prediction for Tim: In ten or twenty years we'll be tearing down the solar farms and wind turbines after recognizing them to be the economic and environmental malignancies that they are.

Garth Godsman said...

Could not agree more. Especially about wind farms.