Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Age's cartoonist Spooner says what The Age dare not

October 20

But I do think that this is further evidence that there is a change in the wind concerning climate change.

People are getting tired of the ceaseless diet of near hysterical hectoring and nagging that comes from the Greens, Greenpeace, the WWF - even friggen Oxfam - and all the other groups that have seen it as a heaven sent money making opportunity and thus jumped on the bandwagon.

And don't for a moment think that they haven't made lots and lots of money out of selling fear. You can't have all their highly paid managers and directors, all backed up by full-time paid staff (often working in their own purpose designed office buildings), constantly commissioning friendly academics to produce endless reports that always produce the "right" results to feed to a naive and credulous media, (though clearly even parts of the media are now having second thoughts), without a large income stream.

In the case of the WWF internationally, we're talking literally billions of dollars over the past decade. As I understand it, it no longer publishes its accounts online as it used to do, and I think this is the reason it has become shy about its income.

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