Friday, October 30, 2009

I don't know if I buy this 'world government' claim, but...

...I do think people should at least watch Lord Christopher Monckton and John Bolton discuss the upcoming Copenhagen conference on climate change and what it may mean.

There is a killer arguement from Lord Monckton though to my scepticism on that point - Europe.

People in Europe, especially the British, have been told time and time again that claims that a particular treaty would cede sovereignty from a democratically elected government in Whitehall to unelected European officials were just right-wing or nationalist scaremongering.

And yet that is exactly what has happened. (Don't let the existence of a basically impotent and pointless European parliament fool you here.)

Treaties, just like charters of rights, are living documents that take on a life of their own once passed and very often have consequences that their framers never even imagined.

Mr Bolton is not as concerned as Lord Monckton about the particular significance of Copenhagen.

Part 7 seems to start with the same bit as part 5, but is longer.

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