Thursday, October 22, 2009

How World Vision exploits the poor … of understanding

This is one of the reasons why I wouldn't give World Vision a cent. It's now little more than a business trying to make money by selling fear.

From Andrew Bolt:

Reader Colin of Bateman encounters astonishing push-polling by World Vision that both misinforms the gullible, and denies the sceptical the chance to put the truth - that the climate indeed changes, but man has little to do with it, and the change may not be worth the pain of trying to “stop”.

(And note that World Vision is meant to alleviate poverty, not preach global warming):

Someone on facebook said we should take this survey at to register our voice regarding Climate Change.

Of course I was sceptical, but I thought I’d do it anyway and register what they probably don’t want to hear… Here’s question one:
1. Which of the following best reflects your opinion on climate change? (select one)
Climate change is definitely taking place

Climate change is probably taking place

Climate change is not taking place

I thought about my answer for a while and thought, “What an absurd way to start.”

Anyway, I clicked on number three to see what would happen, even though I know climate changes all the time, but I smelled a rat and… voi la!  I wastaken straight out of the survey box and shown a picture of the author of the survey with a message of thanks for taking the survey. One question. Ha!…

(S)o I went back on line and had to register with another email to get through.... This survey is sooooo skewed and sooooo full of assumptions. Very disappointing from World Vis. It wasn’t til Q12 and Q13 that I got to say what I really wanted to say. Then Q14 put me right in a corner so I tried to go on without answering, but it wouldn’t let me, so I went for the least… d’oh! Hate that. ITS RIDICULOUS!

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