Saturday, October 24, 2009

The campaign against debate

Business writer James Kirby on the usually hidden campaign to silence even a sceptic as qualified as Professor Ian Plimer, author of the best-seller Heaven and Earth:
Last week I was asked to chair a question-and-answer session for Plimer at the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), a non-political business association. I was sceptical about associating with Plimer and so were many of those attending. Just before Plimer took to the stage, a senior AICD member whispered: ”We’ve had more complaints about hosting this guy than anyone I can remember.’’
In this case, the whisperers and character assassins failed to move even these timid business souls, and Kirby confesses:
By the time Plimer had finished his address, one thing had become clear - climate change is a debate in which one side has dominated media coverage.... Like most investors or business people, I am not a scientist and I can’t tell if either side is fudging the figures. But I know that when a highly qualified scientist is sidelined and demonised to the point he can’t get a book published - and that book later becomes a bestseller - we may not be getting the full story.
No wonder the very idea of debate is bitterly opposed by the ABC preachers and Greens candidates.

The makers of the eco-alarmist The Age of Stupid are even more determined to silence dissent:
Post your reviews and ratings of The Age Of Stupid below. Any comments from climate deniers/sceptics will be deleted.

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