Monday, October 26, 2009

Senator Cory Bernardi levels with voters about the new tax on everything

Rudd’s new tax on everything will hurt us all

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi levels with voters: the ETS is a fraud. Cutting our emissions will do nothing for the climate, but sure will kill jobs.

I think that’s one vote Malcolm Turnbull can’t count on in the Senate to help pass Kevin Rudd’s colossal “$50 billion tax on everything”. I wonder how well he’d be travelling if he’d taken this tack himself a year ago - minus the populist flourishes that diminish the deadly serious message, that is.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Bernadi.
Keep up the Fight.
This is the best chance the Liberals have had so many things. to fight.
Copenhagen Farce.
Climate change insanity.
Assylam Seakers spin.
The Rudd government relaxation of the Howard govt policies have let a flood of boat people heading our way.
stop the Rudd Govt Spin.
Keith Ryan.