Friday, October 16, 2009

What squashed all those walruses?


When dead walruses were found last month on an Alaskan beach, it took no time at all for reporters and warming prophets to blame their favorite bogeyman:
Shaye Wolf, spokeswoman for the Center for Biological Diversity, said the walrus deaths were alarming.

“It provides another indicator that climate change is taking a brutal toll on the Arctic,” she said.
World Wildlife Fund has obtained dramatic high definition footage along the Arctic shorelines of Russia and Alaska showing the dramatic impact climate change is having on walruses.
A joint investigation by groups including the UN National Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alaska SeaLife Center has now been completed. Conclusion: just another walrus stampede - and no mention of global warming needed to explain it:
Trampling by other walruses was the most likely cause of death of 131 walruses carcasses found on the shore near Icy Cape, Alaska… An aerial survey of the Chukchi Sea coast conducted by USFWS and NSB confirmed the die-off was localized to the Icy Cape region…

Trampling-related injuries and mortalities are not uncommon at coastal walrus haulouts.... The cause of the disturbance or disturbances leading to the trampling deaths is unknown.
And as Canadian Geographic explained seven years ago in its Walrus Facts:
On ice floes or on land, walruses are often seen packed together like sardines, with calves resting on top of adults to avoid being crushed. When disturbed, such as when a plane flies over a resting herd, the walruses stampede into the water.
If the evidence for apocalyptic man-made warming is so clear, why this constant invention of more?

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