Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hang on, didn't Kim Beazley say much the same thing?

Interesting as we look on at the latest outbreak of totally bogus and confected outrage coming out of Canberra, pushed dutifully along by the compliant Canberra press gallery.
Flashback: then Labor leader Kim Beazley on the need for a better coast guard:
Imagine if those boats carried terrorists with a mind to roll a few sea mines over the side.

Or indeed this:
Britain’s Home Office admits:
A Home Office analysis of those arrested under antiterrorism laws from 2001 to 2005 found that almost a quarter – 24%, or 232 out of 963 – had previously applied for asylum. This figure includes failed asylum seekers who should have been removed from the country.

Yes, Tuckey was drawing a long bow on the potential risks from asylum seekers arriving on boats, but his actual comments weren't that over the top:
There could be the occasional terrorist in a boatload of people. If you wanted to get into Australia and you have bad intentions, what do you do? You insert yourself in a crowd of a hundred for which there is great sympathy for the other 99. You go on a system where nobody brings their papers, you have no identity, you have no address.

Could be; occasional. Damning stuff eh?

More here.

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