Saturday, May 9, 2009

"He’s got Jew nationality and Jew loyalties"

Oh dear.
That's not Cynthia McKinney, it's a guy on a far-right antisemitic internet radio station asking McKinney a question of her after she agreed to be interviewed by them.
For those of you who don't know, Ms McKinney was a Democratic member of the US Congress and the candidate of the Green Party in last year's presidential election.
She is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist (of course), apologist for the genocidal Sudanese government and compares herself to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.
She also alleged, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, that the US government executed 5,000 prisoners in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina and dumped the bodies in a swamp!
Clearly a woman with personality "issues."
Though possibly being a nutcase runs in the family. Her father's reaction to her losing the primary election for her congressional seat was "Jews have bought everybody. Jews. J-E-W-S."
But why is a darling of the Green Left agreeing to appear on a far-right radio station?
I suppose it isn't that surprising, or shouldn't be. It has been well recognised for many years that the supposed opposite ends of the political spectrum have a tendency to curve back in on each other, and despite their differences they uncannily resemble each other in many ways and on many issues.
Hating Jews and blaming them for everything is now one of those points of similarity.
I hasten to add that it is the far-Left that has joined the far-Right in promoting appallingly virulent antisemitism, though antisemitism (dressed up as faux concern for the Palestinians) does seem to be becoming increasingly common within the Left generally.
A very worrying development for those on the Left who reject such (ill)disguised bigotry such as Harry's Place, who have begun the Cynthia McKinney Descent Watch.
Little Green Footballs on the Right also points to the disturbing company McKinney is keeping these days - Wingnuts of the Week.
However, I am glad to see that even isolated Perth has its own Jew haters. Even better, some of them make little videos about how much they hate Jews and confess to assaulting them. What fun.
Both Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair have it.
Andrew observes "The genuine face of anti-Semitism, on our streets. I admire greatly the teenager who stands up to this bigot’s rants and physical threats, but am frightened by the incitement now given by “progressive” writers, broadcasters, publishers, academics, activists and cartoonists - and even by the UN - to such people to demonise Israel and hate Jews."
Tim notes an approving message about the guy's video on Stormfront:
Brandon gets out there in the streets to protest ill gotten Israeli grapefruits. He runs into two Jews, who take his picture without permission. Brandon then confronts them and a heated discussion/argument takes place. The viewer gets a glimpse into HOW our enemies operate.

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Brentbo said...

How can anyone hate a people that gave us Albert Einstein and Bette Middler....

Garth Godsman said...

I'm such a failed homosexual that I'm not sure about Bette, but albert definitely! ;)