Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heaven & Earth sells 20,000 copies in two weeks

And the major publishers who refused to print it, despite Professor Ian Plimer's previous best sellers, must be kicking their politically correct behinds!

Andrew Bolt

Thursday, May 07, 2009 at 12:04am

Professor Ian Plimer‘s Heaven and Earth - a book sceptical of global warming theory - has been an instant bestseller, already selling 20,000 copies in just a fortnight.
Some have wondered how it came to be published by a small Melbourne firm, Connor Court Publishing, and critics (such as the ABC’s Fran Kelly) have hinted that it’s to Plimer’s discredit.
In fact, the discredit belongs entirely to the bigger publishers who turned down the book, so sure of their faith in global warming that they were unable or unwilling to see there was a big market of sceptics desperate to hear the other side of a debate that the mainstream media had insisted for years was “over” and “settled”.
Here is a list of the publishers who turned down Plimer’s book, even though he already had a proven record of success, having produced best-sellers such as Telling Lies for God (Random House, around 23,000 copies) and A Short History of Planet Earth (ABC Books, around 16,000 copies), which won him a Eureka Prize:
- ABC Books
- Random House
- Allen and Unwin
- East Street
The rest here

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