Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oprah and the vaccine sceptic

What strange times we live in.
How else to explain the campaign currently being waged by the stupid, the ignorant and the irresponsible against one of the greatest achievements of medical science? One that has saved countless lives and which has changed parenthood completely?
It was only a hundred or so years ago when to be a parent was to face the fact that you almost certainly would have to go through the horror of watching one of your young children die of disease in front of you.
And watch helplessly.
Not any more. Now, thanks to modern medical science, what parents expect as normal is to watch all of their children grow up to adulthood. A death in childhood is now the exception, not the rule.
So much pain and suffering prevented.
And yet we actually have a sorry collection of irresponsible people who are putting children's lives at risk by not getting their own kids vaccinated and trying to persuade others to do likewise.
The result? Diseases some of us may never have heard of, like Scarlet Fever, are back. Measles is on the march again. False claims - and we now know they are false - about a link between the MMR vaccine and autism are still being spread.
The deaths of any children from these totally preventable diseases is on the heads of those who failed to get their own children vaccinated and those who urged them to do so.
In relation to the study published in The Lancet referred to below, it involved only 12 people and was conducted by a doctor who was already in the pay of lawyers representing an anti-vaccination group and who had already declared that he intended to find "proof" against the use of the MMR vaccine, and made sure he did.

May 6, 2009

Plus, a man whose daughter got sick because of anti-vaccine hysteria. (Via Aetiology.) Note this: “The sorry MMR saga began in 1998 with a tiny study (since partially retracted) in the Lancet.” Seems like there’s a lot of bad science in The Lancet. Some vaccine-related thoughts of mine here.

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Pogria said...

The Anti Vaccination campaign is one of the most vicious, insane "causes", to be spouted by the retardos.

One way of countering this ridiculous propaganda would be to show as much film and photographic evidence of diseased children as possible. Absolutely saturate all the various media possible.

Pictures of children with diptheria drowning in their own pus would make for disturbing viewing, but would certainly get the message across. The effects of measles several years after the actual illness by showing floppy, encephalitc teenagers, audio and video of the paroxysms and convulsions in a tiny baby with whooping cough may, just may, get the message through to the thickheads straddling the fence.

Let's not forget the dramatic effect of seeing a child with "airplane", strapping of it's arms, or the Frankenstein like boots with the creaking steel frames rearing from those same boots on either side of the child's legs. The child who could never keep up with others in the playground because of those boots, then, even when the boots came off and the child was declared cured, could not even then, keep up with the others because of the withered legs that became the legacy of having Polio.

Also, Oprah should be asked, has she suspended financial aid for the vaccination programs to the African children that she supports? After all, why should black children be injected with crap that "whitey", wouldn't use on their own kids?

Sorry for the length of my diatribe. As a mother, I get rather manic when the actions of idiots could harm my child.

BTW, I like your blog. I came here via Tim Blair's. I've been reading through the last weeks worth of threads. Good stuff. I'll be back!

Garth Godsman said...

Thanks for the kind words Pogria. There are times when you wonder if anybody reads what you've got to say, so I appreciate the encouragement.

And you are welcome to "diatribe" at what ever length you like :)