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"Maybe they could inject some fat from her butt. Oh, they have?"

UPDATE - A big welcome to all readers of two of my favourite bloggers, Tim Blair and the Instapundit. They are part of my required daily reading.

And a welcome to Gay Patriot readers too!

BTW, though I've linked to Andrew Bolt's blog twice is my piece below, I still reckon I should acknowledge that what I had to say was my take on his post.

You know, there are days when you just have to say to other poofs "fuck off, you self-centred, self-absorbed, nasty and arrogant shits." Reading the Bolter today was one of those.

What happened to being able to firstly argue a case intelligently and rationally and then, secondly, be prepared to agree to disagree while respecting another person's honestly held opinion?

Enter Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and the otherwise useless celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Quite why Hilton was a judge of a "pick-a-chick show for hetero fantasists" is a mystery in itself, but his question on gay marriage to Prejean and the vicious misogyny of the reaction to her answer has done nothing to bring credibility to gay rights activism.

Indeed, the nature of that reaction has laid bare the streak of women-hating nastiness that still hides just below the surface of all too many gay men. Everything is fine and dandy as long as they are pathetic fag hags, but cross one of these men who will endlessly lecture you about intolerance and its effects on them and watch out!

Ms Prejean's crime against humanity that has justified her vilification in the most appallingly sexist and personally abusive manner?

She's a Christian who naturally enough believes that marriage is between a man and a woman.

That's the simple answer she gave to Hilton's question of what she thought of gay marriage.

And hardly a minority view.

Not even in her native California where a referendum on gay marriage resulted in a defeat for its proponents, with the delicious irony for leftist pieties that it was black and latino voters who turned out in numbers to sink it.

It's a view even apparently held by the current adored darling of the cultural left, Barack Obama, who according to Hilton has "inspired millions."

But, let's face it, Prejean is a much smaller and easier target for the hatred of Hilton and others.

The organisers of the Miss California pageant fell over themselves to piously declare that "religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss California family."

Does anyone imagine they'd have said the same if she's espoused support for gay marriage because of her religious beliefs?

But as has been observed repeatedly about the left, tolerance for them is very much a one-way street.

I am no longer a Christian, but respect the right of other people to be true to their consciences and their beliefs. I am not an anti-religion fanatic. Something that seems quite fashionable amongst a certain class of person these days, though it more often manifests itself as a narrowly focused contempt for Christianity, whereas more "exotic" religions not seen as "white" or "western," especially Buddhism, are almost considered funky.

Though I suspect the free pass so often given to Islam is a result of them being afraid of it. You can be as daringly "transgressive" as you like about Jesus or the Virgin Mary. No amount of Piss Christs is going to get you anything other than publicity and invites to any number of government subsidised writers' festivals.

Try being arty with Mohammad or the Koran and you risk having your throat cut, as Theo van Gogh found out.

But Hilton and company knew they had an easy and safe target in Ms Prejean and they piled on.

The Miss California organisers wasted no time in letting it be known that she had had a boob job, and that they had paid for it.

This was after Hilton had called her a "dumb bitch."

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC called her a "boob," and spent 5 minutes with the gay writer Michael Musto of the impeccably "progressive" Village Voice saying things like:

“She’s dumb and twisted. She’s sort of like a human Klaus Barbie doll . . . She thinks innuendo is an Italian suppository . . . They also paid for Carrie to cut off her penis . . .," and:

“Now here’s a babe who needs a brain implant. Maybe they could inject some fat from her butt. Oh, they have?”

(Gosh, these guys are funny though, aren't they? How many times have we heard the [insert foreign country's name] suppository joke before?)

Let's just recall here, her crime was to simply say she believed that marriage was between a man and a woman. That's all. You may not agree with that opinion, which is fine, but surely she has every right to say what she thinks?

Or does she? We are certainly seeing the evangelists of tolerance more and more trying to control what people are and are not allowed to say.

However, you'd of course expect feminists to leap to her defence and decry the disgustingly sexist nature of the abuse hurled at her, wouldn't you?

I mean, talk about increasing a woman's intelligence by taking fat from her butt would be guaranteed to get your average feminist back to the barricades. Not this time though.

Some of them even joined in!

Here's women's rights activist Gloria Feldt: “What Prejean needs is a heart transplant rather than the breast implants.”

Luckily though, Prejean does not have any children, because they'd be considered fair game too by our Mahatmas of tolerance.

Whatever you may have thought of Sarah Palin, the use of her daughter and her baby son with Down Syndrome to attack her marked a new low for people who'd be absolutely mortified at any suggestion that they were not on the progressive and humane side of politics.

Michael Moore (of course) insinuated that baby Trig wasn't Palin's child at all, but rather her daughter's. (But they were only warming up at getting at her!) Gay writer and blogger Andrew Sullivan kept demanding that Palin prove that Trig was her child by producing the birth certificate, even after the news broke that Bristol was pregnant and couldn't be Trig's mother.

Worse still were the direct attacks on the little disabled baby boy. The Huffington Post thought it was being very clever and funny in describing him as the "runt of the litter." Here in Australia, the editor of called him "a mongrel." (Quite frankly, why Crikey has any credibility with the left here is beyond me.)

But of course Crikey's Guy Rundle had to join the pack that then went after Bristol, smarmily saying that the 17 year old had "a face that says yes."

What a charming fellow.

Or comedian Russell Brand saying that her mother was going to send her to the electric chair "for being a little slut." Wow, funny and progressive at the same time Russell! Hypocrite.

But they all hypocrites. Every last one of them. And some of my fellow poofs give me the shits sometimes.

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Paul Sorene said...

Hiltons'a celeb blogger gone native - and real tosspot. Intolerance will not be tolerated! And get this:

RebeccaH said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pogria said...

Take a Bex, put a wet towel on your head, and have a lie down. There's a good boy.

I hope you've put as much effort into doing something for your mum, as you have in that comment.

Dan Lewis said...

The vast majority of website operators don't have the guts to allow this postI think you'll find they just don't have the disk-space...

I'd also suspect the vast majority of website readers don't have the time nor inclination to read your massive rant.

I know I didn't.

Can I say, in all seriousness, that you are exhibiting symptoms of a mental disorder and you should seek professional help. I am not trying to insult you, having no idea what your views are (couldn't be arsed reading them) but to help you.

Garth Godsman said...

Thanks to the people who left comments and didn't abuse the facility.

I absolutely hate the idea of removing comments, and prior to this the only one removed was commercial spam.

But to go on and on and on and on like that was to show complete disregard for me and everybody else.

Pogria said...

Hello Garth, thank you for the kind comment in the earlier thread.

Also, anybody reading, I wasn't telling Garth to have the Bex!

Carrie Prejean is in exactly the same unenviable position as Joe the Plumber found himself after answering a question honestly.

She is being subjected to the same disgusting amount of scrutiny as Joe had been. It will not be long now before we're reading about her tax returns, etc.

It's no longer, "I AM JOE".

It's also, "I AM CARRIE".

heracles said...

It's about time somebody said it!
I support Gay marriage, Gay adoption, Gay access to IVF, the whole box & dice. I don't however have a problem with those, who, like this young woman, think marriage is between a man and a woman. The vicious, personal attack on this woman by those who sanctimoniously presume to be on the side of diversity and tolerance is nauseating to say the least.
Another thing, I don't for the life of me understand why the Gay Left spend almost all their time attacking liberal democracies like the U.S. and Israel, as well as Christianity, while their like are routinely condemned to barbaric deaths in authoritarian countries who ascribe to, let's just say, less compassionate creeds.

Jennyinoz said...

Thank you Garth. It has been staggering to witness the abuse hurled at Carrie Prejean not just by gay rights folk but by so called feminists. I have felt ashamed of those women and shocked by the vitriol from the likes of that nutter Hilton. It has cheered me no end to read your fair and honest article and I am happy to find blogs like this and the Gay Patriot where I can read views that are not offensive. I also appreciate the moderation and elimination of moronic comments.

Garth Godsman said...

Well, once again thank you Pogria!

And no worries about your earlier here. It was pretty obvious who you thought should have the Bex and a lie down ;)

And while personally I was disappointed by Joe's comment recently about homosexuality, that's his right.

Garth Godsman said...

Hi heracles

I'm less sure about the whole marriage, adoption etc thing myself.

But hey, that's just me and we can still argue these points sensibly and in a friendly manner, just as you've done here.

Cheers mate.

Garth Godsman said...

And lastly, thank you Jennyinoz - appreciate the kind words.

I only came across Ms Prejean's full comment today, and it only made Hilton's vile behaviour even worse in retrospect.

Louis said...

What this is about is that the Gays think that they are a protected minority -- a sacred cow which is exempt from criticism. It is part and parcel of them being viewed as a victim of society. This gives them special rights not lent to the rest of humanity. Do you see how corrupting this is?

No longer must the Gays persuade people of anything; all they need do is to hurl accusations of sexism and homophobia. But, when the Gays have, willy nilly, tarred everyone with this accusation, the insult loses its sting.

If you use this method long enough, you start to lose your faculties of reason. You need not be eloquent when it is more satisfying to be bitchy. The Gays can, then, use their protected status to intimidate others into accepting their viewpoints. When their victim is not intimidated, they fall back on projecting themselves as the victim.

All this is rather counter productive. People are not persuaded by the Gay's actions, so they come to have contempt for this behavior. The poor Gays will misinterpret this as a new outbreak of homophobia rather than a reaction to their coarse and unacceptable manners.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives get attacked so easily, because conservatives do a pathetic job in fighting back.

Again, Perez Hilton and feminists never condemn Islam, the religion where homosexuality carries the death penalty, and women are periodically stoned to death for wearing pants.

Not that conservatives should be violent, but they should counterattack. Leftists run like cowards when counterattacked.

We won the war in Iraq, and avoided a terrorist attack on US soil for 8 years, because we counterattacked, and fought back hard. Why can't conservatives apply the same philosophy here?

Is it so hard for conservatives to understand that decorum, decency, and manners will NOT be reciprocated by the left?

Anonymous said...

Right-wing women are better looking than left-wing women. Period. Leftists are just jealous.Perez Hilton is disgusting. Carrie Prejean is lovely. Even people in foreign countries (who watch our news) will come to the same conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

PapayaSF said...

Hear, hear. A few points.

"religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss California family."OK, but when did questions about hot-button political controversies become part of beauty pageants? Not that I follow them, but I thought that contestants occasionally said something non-controversial about ending hunger or promoting world peace, not that they had to answer questions like a candidate at a debate. This is simply Perez Hilton being a grandstanding activist.

Also, isn't it amazing how quickly same-sex marriage went from being an academic question or a punchline in a comedy monologue to something that (supposedly) only troglodyte bigots don't believe in? I remember talking about the California domestic partners law a dozen years ago with a gay friend (now dead from AIDS) who was a bit of a gay activist himself. I remember him saying "since gays can't get married" in a way that implied he accepted that situation and showed that he realized how big a step that would be. I'm not saying he wouldn't have supported it now, but I'm sure he wouldn't be insulting people who had traditional beliefs on the subject.

pdxpunk said...

I have to give you enormous thanks for this post...Absolutely spot on, every word. As a Conservative and gay I have found the viciousness of the gay/left world to be truly astonishing, whereas my fellow Righties are to a man (or woman) tolerant, kind, generous and accepting. How the Perez Hilton/Gloria Feldts of the world have convinced people, and themselves, that they are the "tolerant" is a sight to behold. Thank GOD for folks like yourself...Gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Catty homo hypersensitivity like this is counterproductive to the cause. It is particularly problematic when it comes to gay fostering and adopting and AI/IVF. Not a good demonstration of aptitude for parenting.

Anonymous said...

"You can be as daringly "transgressive" as you like about Jesus or the Virgin Mary. No amount of Piss Christs is going to get you anything other than publicity and invites to any number of government subsidised writers' festivals."

Don't be so sure about that, pardner.

Don't be so sure...

Anonymous said...

It is a sad commentary on our culture that a creature like Perez Hilton is actually famous.

Even in the 1980s, such an individual would not be famous my any measure.

I never thought I would say this, but since Christianity is being shown to be weak and unable to stand up against its critics, I actually WANT Islam to make inroads into the West.

At least that would put an end to Perez Hilton and radical feminists.

Anonymous said...

Again, Christians/conservatives are being exposed as helpless and weak as well.

The real way to win this battle is to counterattack, and use Muslim Americans as the front to attack gay marriage. Appeal to Muslims as joint stakeholders in this cause. The left will be too afraid to fight back.

The present state of affairs is due to the weak, toothless job that Christians/conservatives have been doing.

Laura said...

"I actually WANT Islam to make inroads into the West.

At least that would put an end to Perez Hilton and radical feminists."

Well, in the absence of enough Nazis to do it... (they killed gays too) I guess we'll have to settle for Islam to do it.

Seriously: Are you insane?

Anonymous said...

It is not our job to protect gays and feminists from Islam. We have been doing it so far, but at this point, what if we just don't feel like doing it anymore, after how ungrateful they have been?

Muslims reproduce at a much faster rate than feminists, gays, etc.

What if we, mainstream American Christians, just step aside?

Neil said...

May I suggest a bit more research regarding the Nazi's and homosexuality.

In fact good thorough research into the Nazi's would show how very much alike the Nazi's were to the Progressive movement of the late 1800's and the early 1900's. The Nazi's didn't pop out of nowhere, nor were they conservatives. That is little more than a Marxist/Stalinist lie that has been swallowed the world over. There is a good reason the Nazi's and the Communists look so much alike in the end. They grew from the same tree.

AlwaysRight said...

Nice post. Someone needed to say this shit about the libtards out there.

Anonymous said...


Who knew the Miss America contest "went CAMP?" It used to be the province for attracting middle-American viewers.

But ya know what? I bet you can't recall a single winner! I'll add you can't even recall this year's winner, either.

While Miss Prejean walks off with all the "memories." Pretty woman. Should have won. But perez Hiton as a "judge?" Where are his qualifications? He's just a jealous bitch. And, next year I hope GUYS CAN ENTER. Let one of them win! Otherwise? No one remembers their names.

Obernai said...

Great post, thank you for putting your thoughts out there so coherently.
The whole intolerance and lack of intelligent discourse from the left has been in place for many years...I think we are just hearing about it more due to bloggers like yourself.
Will this change anything?
Probably not - because they are children. I have four young kids, and the lefties act like my kids when they they don't get what they want..temper tantrums and name calling. However, I can control my kids. There is no controlling these 'grown-up' children who have way too much power in education, the press, etc, etc...

Maggie said...

hey Garth,

I got here via Gay Patriot, only to discover that you read the same blogs as myself.

I am not gay. I am a straight woman and I hold the same views as Carrie Prejean. As others have said, Perez Hilton is a bitch, and yeah I like the way you call him a fag.

My own experiences with gays has been a few who were very professional and one who was extremely in yer face. I find that is quite nauseating. I have no reason to be upset that you are no longer a Christian. If anything I applaud you for not being a hypocrite by wanting to remain a Christian.... and yes I refer to the Rainbow movement and their vile behaviour towards Cardinal Pell - they were wrong in what they did... period.

As a fellow Australian, I salute you for your views. I hope to see more of your comments on Andrew Bolt's and Tim Blair's blog. You will know me since I am ex-Victorian :)

Garth Godsman said...

Once again, many thanks to everyone who has left a constructive comment here (which is everyone bar one).

Just picking up the remark about gays in people's faces - isn't it just so tiresomely 20th Century?

Like I've said before, I find I have less and less patience with "professional homosexuals."

There's so much else that is so much more interesting in this world.

DANEgerus said...

The issue isn't hatred of women, it is persecution of Christians.

When black & hispanic Obama voters passed California's same sex marriage initiative the "professional activists" targeted Mormons, eg. Christians, for protests targeting their work places and privacy.

In other words, they visited upon those Christians exactly the sort of persecution they claim to be victims of...

Louis said...

Christians and conservatives are not being weak, they are being civilized. Civilization and maturity is always characterized by self restraint. Someone has to be civilized to keep this country from falling into chaos. We Conservatives must survive to rebuild after Obama wrecks the economy. Hence, we must choose our battles cautiously. And let our enemies shoot themselves in the foot.

Christians and conservatives believe that people will receive the fruits of their labors. False doctrines destroy themselves through their excesses. Even the allies of the Militant Gays will become embarrassed at their inappropriate actions. Cause and effect eventually visits us all. The wages of sin is a short, miserable life.

The point is that excessive behavior will visit first those places where the Left has long been in power. The Left hold sway in California along the I-80 beltway from San Francisco to Sacramento and in Los Angeles. They have intimidated any local Conservatives into keeping quiet or moving away. Thus, a person like Perez Hilton can go without ever, wittingly, meeting a Conservative. Hence, no one has ever placed restraints on his outrageous behavior. Everything about him, even his ridiculous made-up name, is a fraud.

The problem is that the rest of California outside of the I-80 beltway and Los Angeles tried to place such restraints when they voted in proposition 8 which would disallow "Gay Marriage."

Many Gays, like Perez, became radicalized. They knew, from where they lived, that they were the majority. So, how did proposition 8 win? It could only be that their enemies cheated. Therefore, the Left was allowed to strike back, without restraint.

Perez Hilton set out to intimidate those people outside of his Leftist circle by attacking a young woman. What he wanted was for her to kowtow on national TV. When she didn't, she became the ENEMY. All the bile and hatred of the Left have been visited on her.

Christians know that they cannot escape the evil actions of others; that people will hate them for what they are and for the values which they hold.

It is unfortunate that Perez Hilton chose Ms. PreJean as his victim. The left's persecution of her is likely to be her making if she hangs firm.

She did not choose to become a martyr; all she wanted was her first amendment rights. She was polite and did not attack the Gays when she stated her opinion. But, evil people do not care about their victim's rights.

Thank you, Carrie PreJean, for standing up for what you believe in. No doubt, the Left will not end their persecution of you, any more than they have for Sarah Palin. Why? Because you represent their greatest fear -- an independent mind.

I know this burden is painful, Ms PreJean, but bear up against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. We Conservatives will stand by you.

Perez Hilton will go to hell in his own way. The Left, especially the militant Gays, are hate filled people. Hate is very corrosive; it causes its holders to have very short lives. He will destroy himself and take his allies with him.

So, we Conservatives need not act precipitously. We need not spend our substance in fighting the absurd. Doing so, would prevent Perez Hilton from getting that fate which he so richly deserves. He would proclaim himself a martyr, if we did.

Anonymous said...

I am a liberal gun owner. I think people are just jealous of Carrie Prejean. She is hot. I don't about marriage or any of those Christian stuff. I think she is just saying stuff she believe is right. Perez Hilton believe in gay marriage. That is fine too. If I had to choose between who to be friends with

Maggie said...

Keeping the subject on topic, and not getting lost with the Christian angle, I am happy that Donald Trump put an end to the controversy, not by sacking Carrie, but by saying that the photos that were published were ok.

The gayKKK who attacked Carrie Prejean were after a victim that they could demonize. Thinking about the situation, Perez Hilton set her up for the fall because her resume stated that she was attending a Christian college. Some of the organizers of the pageant seemed to blame Carrie claiming that she brought religion into her answer but that is just not true.

It was good that the woman who was the antagonist for Carrie (who had been a Playboy centrefold so she is a hypocrite too) has resigned her position in a fit of pique because Trump did not toe her line.

What that young woman endured at the hands of what can only be described as some very ugly (inwardly ugly too) people.

Our role is to defend Carrie, not because she is a Christian, but because she has first Amendment rights to state what she believes without being viciously attacked.

The situation in the USA is quite serious because anyone not toeing the line seems to be attacked and it is vicious - Rush Limburgh is on the receiving end of those attacks, the latest being from that not so funny black female gay hack Wendy Sykes.

I certainly do appreciate Gary's comment here. Kudos from another Australian, a wife and mother.

Garth Godsman said...

and i know I'm labouring a point Maggie, but I'm still struck by how inoffensive what she said was.

Whether you agree with her or not, there was nothing nasty about her comments.

You'd have thought that she'd said that gays should be rounded up and driven off cliffs or something.

Anonymous said...

Hell hath no fury... worse than that of a manipulator scorned.

Perez Hilton tried to turn Carrie Prejean into a hypocrite through intimidation. He would have, probably, gotten a deliciously evil thrill, if he had succeeded.

Carrie said she and her fellow contestants dreaded such a question. She probably knew that answering this question truthfully would sink her chances at the crown and that the Media would demonize her. She tried to soften her answer, but nothing politically incorrect was acceptable.

It merely shows that the Liberals have abandoned any pretense of favoring First Amendment rights or ideological diversity.

We are back to the inquisition, boys. No divergent views will be tolerated by the Liberals. They simply haven't begun to heat the branding irons. The Iron Maiden is still collecting dust.

Garth Godsman said...

Yes, freedom of speech is fine as long as you only say the "right" things, ie things they agree with.

If not you'll be shouted down and abused.