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World Vision: blowing cash on a pagan cult

Important update on this story at Andrew's blog. Tim Costello has rung him and clarified some points. Click on Andrew Bolt below.

Again, whatever one may think about climate change, this is something that World Vision is simply not qualified to get involved in and represents an absolutely unjustified waste of money - as usual with such groups in the form of even more highly paid managers etc - that should be going to help the poor.

But of course climate change has been the glamour issue of the time and everybody has wanted to get on board and get their cut of the money and the attention.

How else to explain even the ACTU and ACOSS jumping on the bandwagon?! (Even as the wheels begin to fall off.)

So Andrew is now looking for another charity working with poor kids overseas to support.

Andrew Bolt

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 12:04am

I’ve been a donor to World Vision for more than a decade. I’ve helped to publicise its work and urged you to support it, praising above all its commitment to giving the poor the direct help they need.

That’s now over. When my current sponsorships end, I will not renew. I will not donate a dollar more than I’ve already promised. An organisation I once admired for pragmatism has now fallen for the giddiest ideology of all. Under Tim Costello, so ignorant and alarmist that he blames global warming even for tsunamis, donors’ money is now being wasted on a great sham. A once-Christian organisation is now switching its focus from saving people to saving Nature, as it follows a neo-pagan gospel.

The latest evidence? From World Vision’s jobs page:
Strategic Technical Advisor (Carbon and Poverty Reduction Facility - Asia Pacific)

This exciting and newly created role based in the Asia Pacific provides technical assistance in the design and implementation of carbon and poverty reduction projects and programmatic responses, helping position World Vision Australia as the pre-eminent development NGO in climate change.
Campaigns Leader - Climate Change
We are seeking an experienced Campaign Leader for our Policy & Programs Group to work on effecting change within our region.
Project Manager

This role has been created to provide multi-disciplinary support through business analysis, research, proposal development, project design and management, stakeholder engagement and communications, particularly around climate change related to Carbon and Poverty Reduction Projects.
Reader Daniel is furious:

World Vision through very expensive advertising campaigns educate and look after children in deprived circumstances in the third world. What are they doing joining the very crowded world of those preaching global warming?
That leaves me needing a new charity. I’m starting already to switch my support to Very Special Kids. Could anyone also recommend a charity that gives meaningful help to the poor overseas?

A number of readers say they’re cancelling their sponsorships immediately. That’s not something I’m doing. I’ve made implied promises to children that I intend to keep. The issue is what I do with my money once those sponsorships lapse. I hope no one makes children suffer for the ideological giddiness of Tim Costello.

4BC’s Michael Smith isn’t impressed, either.

[Just as a final comment, this time more on the actual global warming hypers, but on this issue of the absurd number of very well paid positions in this "industry."

Despite "evil" oil companies supposedly bankrolling us sceptics who are working hard to destroy the planet, (or something), has anyone bothered to think about where the real money is here?

That is, with the climate alarmists. They all have high profile and highly paid spokespeople, paid support staff, seemingly endless amounts of money to commission endless numbers of reports from friendly academics and endless resources to constantly bombard the media with press releases.

Greenpeace, the WWF, the ACF etc - all of them - cashed up to buggery.]

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