Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes, no bias at the ABC at all, part the second

Andrew Bolt

Friday, May 08, 2009 at 12:08am

The ABC’s Q&A slumped to a new low last night, aided by an audience that noisily betrayed the steep moral decline and sheer historical know-nothingness of the young Left.
Tell me from where Q&A got that pack in the audience that cheered every slur of the US and howled down its every defence? Why an audience with members of the Left eager to equate the Holocaust with Israel’s dealing with Palestinians today, and why only one voice on the panel to strongly reject that insane analogy?
Why did we get yet another panel stacked to the Left? Why yet another strident apologist for Islam and furious critic of Israel - one even prepared to make excuses for Ahmadinejad?
Why, given all the tyrannies in the world, so exclusive a focus on the (wildly exaggerated or invented) sins of just two countries - the US and Israel?
Why the rudeness in debate of the Left?
Why is it, too, that Pakistan interests a Marxist such as Guy Rundle only to the extent that he can devine some original Western sin in this impending catastrophe? Why do his interests then stop short - short of any proposal to prevent or ameliorate? Why does he not ascribe to Pakistanis any moral agency in their own fate, much as if he were the most racist colonialist, actually?
One bright spot? Greg Sheridan, who tried to ingratiate at first - without giving in to the temptation to sugar his positions - before realising it was time to speak truth frankly, and call a spade a madman. 

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