Monday, October 12, 2009

Alison Weir continues to promote the blood libel against Jews

This is a cross post by Adam Holland.

[Second in a series. First article here.]

In August, the blog Counterpunch published an article which literally claimed that Jews ritually murdered gentiles, apparently the first instance of a mainstream U.S. media outlet promoting this medieval charge as true. That article, written by Alison Weir of the anti-Israel organization “If Americans Knew”, connected this blood libel to spurious allegations that Israel is conducting a campaign of theft of body parts from Palestinians killed for this purpose by Israeli troops. Weir claimed on Counterpunch that this purported organ theft campaign was not only sanctioned by Israeli authorities but that it derived from Jewish traditions allowing the murder of gentiles. (Weir’s original article on this can be read">here. My response to it can be read here.)

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