Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The British too are cooling on global warming

Fresh on the heels of just released opinion polling here in Australia that shows declining levels of concern about climate change, comes similar news from the United Kingdom.
Great Britain has been the world's biggest booster of man-made climate change since the 1980s, when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided climate change would be a convenient club with which to beat back the coal unions while promoting nuclear power. Her Labour Party successors, Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown, have pursued climate change policies with even greater zeal: It was the Treasury Department under Labour that produced the Stern Review, the first official analysis to predict economic Armageddon from climate change.

No country, in fact, has more earnestly turned climate change dreams into deliverables: Climate change taxes have been proudly imbedded in energy rates, climate change education has permeated the British school system, climate change theories have been presented as undeniable truths by the British media.

But now, the country is for turning. Polls show that the public no longer buys the decades of unrelenting warnings of catastrophe, both official and unofficial, that it has grown up with. According to a surprising survey released Friday by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, most Britons do not fear harm from climate change.

Financial Post

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