Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guy with luxury home etc thinks poor people are happier

Of course the hypocritical wanker works for the WWF. And gee, the environmental protection racket obviously pays well!

Let's see, lives on Madagascar in a luxury home, has a $35,000 boat and sends his kids to boarding school in South Africa.

His "job" with the WWF is to oppose things like a coal mine that would give his happy little poor people a decent job themselves, and a chance to earn a decent wage for themselves and their families (though obviously no where near as much as he earns to keep them poor).

According to the WWF, this team will ensure that "government decision makers and political leaders worldwide lead the world towards a future using a cleaner energy supply."

However, can we really take these experts seriously?

In their previous documentary "Mine Your Own Business," Ann and Phelim interviewed Mark Fenn, WWF's Madagascar representative, who was leading the fight against a coal-mining project that would have provided 2,000 jobs to the impoverished village.

In "Mine Your Own Business," Fenn stated that people are happy to be living such impoverished lives. He believes they do not place a value on education, so lacking money to pay for their children's schooling is not a top priority or concern.

This, of course, couldn't be further from the truth. The average salary for people in Madagascar is a meager $100 per month, making it extremely difficult for parents to send their sons and daughters to school.

"Mine Your Own Business" featured George, an unemployed miner from Romania who thought he knew about poverty but was shocked when he saw the level of deprivation in Madagascar.

He asked Fenn the question that all humanitarians should ask, "What about the people who are very poor?"

Fenn's response has since become infamous around the world. He said that for poor people, measuring how often someone smiles is more important than wealth.

Okay, so this pretentious dickhead would be more than willing to give up the home and the boat and the private education of his children, because they'd be happier and would smile more?

I don't think so.

I think he is full of shit.

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