Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, someone has posted a comment. How sweet.

It's in relation to this post on the supposed Jewish background of the Iranian president Mr Ahmadinejad.

I say supposed because it turns out that the story is not true.

But anyhoo, my interlocutor "Anonymous" seeks to engage me in a calm and dispassionate debate, as you can see for yourself:
I bet.... that you have.. never.. witnessed small, hands, Iranian/Palestinian/lebanese hands sticking out from under the rubble after the attacks in 2006, and on Iran - supported by American forces in 1980-1989, after countless millions died thanks to your hatemongering you DEATH WORSHIPPER

why lie? why tell an irrelevant story and believe SPEWED LIES, or does that compensates for your disability? or Is your cock too small for your infants?

Israel: Land that was captured 2,600 yrs ago, if going by that logic, then we must give the American lands to the red Indians.

go lick John Bolton's fat puckered asshole you american cunt.

damn zionazis! you'd do anything to overthrow him wouldn't you? the one guy who happens to want to live a life shared by millions...reaching out to get nuclear energy...and here you are...BLATANTLY LYING.
I got one thing to say to you sonny, SOD YOU

Oh well. Can't please everyone I suppose. But dear, I'm an Australian, not an American.

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