Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stop NASA's attack on the Moon's ecosystems and indigenous peoples!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Um, I keep thinking someone must be taking the piss here and yet, oh dear, maybe not.

The organisers of the petition claim that the space agency is turning unspoiled lunar wilderness into a “firing range” for space weapons, and that US “imperialists” intend to colonise the moon “without regard for ecosystems or indigenous peoples”.

(You know, there are some days when I almost lose the will to live, I've been hit with the stupid stick so hard.)

According to an associated article that appeared on the Counter Punch website in August:
And now, once again, there are plans to bomb the Moon. This time the unilateral strike is aimed at the Moon’s South Pole and the payload will be delivered by the LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) spacecraft; the excuse given is that this is an effort to find water deep under lunar surface. The craft was launched in late June and is currently orbiting the Earth until it finds its target; if all goes according to plan, the M-Day bombing will be  October 8,  2009.

And did you know that it is now the US military-industrial AND entertainment complex? Bet you didn't.

Anyhoo, the Chicago Surrealist Movement aren't being fooled by claims to the dispassionate seeking after scientific knowledge:
Of course, there is much more behind this attack than casual scientific curiosity on whether or not there is water on the Moon. First of all, since the long-range accuracy of intercontinental ballistic missiles has never been proven to work, the LCROSS suicide mission serves as a live-fire test exercise for US war strategists with an interest in the precision of orbiting satellite weapons—in other words, the southern hemisphere of the Moon will be turned into a firing range, making this mission one giant leap for the global reach of space warfare. Secondly, LCROSS has been promoted as "the vanguard" for the US military-industrial-entertainment complex’s return to the Moon—according to NASA, finding water is a necessary first step for "building a long-term and sustainable human presence" there. Historically, the purpose of exploration has always been the exploitation of resources and the colonization of territory without regard for ecosystems or indigenous peoples, and clearly the Moon is the next territory coveted by imperialists.

And they are not going to take this "hostile act of aggression and...violent intrusion upon our closest and dearest celestial neighbor" lying down!
We must soothe the Moon, we bandage her. We implore other celestial bodies and entities to aid her. We will not let her endure this crime or its grim aftermath alone.

We need to communicate to the Moon. Talk to her in our dreams, trances, or meditations, and prepare her for this shock and wound as best we can. Hold her, send out imaginative protection to her, and put our dream bodies out there in front of the bomb. Collectively, we can sabotage the bombing or by imagining all manner of things going wrong, or encouraging the Moon to increase her own magnetic shields. Sing to her. Give her back just a tiny portion of all that she has done for us. We are all created from Moon dust.

We pledge solidarity with the Moon and promise we will do everything that we can to help heal her and to prevent any further such stupid, short-sighted, self-serving, man-made acts of obscene violence against her.
This has to be a joke, right? But try as I might, I cannot find anything that even hints at it being a late April Fools Day prank. Dear God, these people are serious?

Brigit Sunflame Christopher commented on signing the online petition that she feels "a sort of sisterly love for the moon."

Ray Kouroukis of Canada thinks we should fuck all oil comapnies for some reason that isn't immediately apparent.

And so it goes on.

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