Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Siberian trees that may kill global warming

THIS mad global warming scare could at last be over. And all thanks to just 10 trees in Siberia.

Unreported in any newspaper here - and how typical that is - is a startling challenge to the central claim underpinning this greatest scare of our lifetime.

That claim is that not for 1000 years and more has it been this hot - and, of course, it’s all man’s fault.

So unprecedented is this heat said to be, and so dangerous, that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says it threatens to destroy the ancient Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu.

Never mind that the world has cooled, not warmed, these past eight years. Never mind that the predictions of doom by professional alarmists such as Al Gore have also gone bung. Total hurricane energy has fallen, not risen. Sea ice has increased, not decreased. Arctic ice has grown these past two years, not shrunk.

In the face of all this counter-evidence, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong responds that even so: “What we do know is that 11 of the hottest years in history have been in the last 12 (years).”

But Wong’s never-hotter claim is based on the “hockey stick” developed by a tight group of about 50 climate scientists, mostly in Britain and the United States.

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Okay, okay, this doesn't kill global warming, but rather the idiot hysteria that has gathered around it.

The world has warmed moderately, just as it did a thousand years ago and a thousand years before that.

It's just that there is nothing unusual about this at all and no evidence at all to suggest otherwise.

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