Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Healthy' yogurt advert banned

A TV advert which asserted that Actimel yogurt supported children's natural defences against disease has been banned by the advertising watchdog.


The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that claims that it could help protect school-age youngsters against illness were not supported by evidence.

The advert stated that Actimel was "scientifically proven to help support your kids' defences".

Good. Most of the so-called studies about food and health quoted in the media or used in advertising are little more than pseudo-scientific junk.

But they are seized upon by the "morals" campaigners who have infested the health promotion industry.

These are the people who "know" that red meat, alcohol etc is bad for you because it is and they know that it is, (honestly, that is a pretty good summation of the argument), and any piece of dodgy "research," no matter how poorly conducted or weak the findings, will be uncritically accepted and presented as "evidence" to support their essentially religious beliefs about health.

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