Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Atlantic rips Penn State and Muir-Russell a new one - Wow! #Climategate

Gee, this does show how much of a game changer Climategate really was.

No matter how much the climate hysterics and their allies in the media have tried to make it go away, it just wont.

Now all this no doubt comes in the form of disturbing surprise for those environmentally concerned who have tagged along with the whole 'global warming, oh my God we are all doomed, doomed I tell you' bangwagon, and who have naively swallowed the excuses to ignore the huge raft of problems this hypothesis has, such as the sceptics are just oil company shills one, but not to people who have actually bothered to look at the evidence.

Watts Up With That? comments on Clive Crooks' article in The Atlantic:

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