Thursday, July 8, 2010

Labour MP Calls For Climategate Re-Assessment

But critics described the report as “inadequate” after failing to establish why scientists deleted the emails.

MP Graham Stringer, who sat on the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee which also carried out an inquiry into the row, criticised Sir Muir’s report.

He said it fell short because it was unable to access thousands of other emails to establish whether there was a conspiracy among climate scientists at the CRU.

Mr Stringer said: “To make sense of whether there was a conspiracy, whether they really tried to subvert the peer review process, you would have had to look at these emails. It’s an inadequate report that doesn’t do the job. It’s not going to allay anybody’s fears.

“I certainly believe the matter should return to the House of Commons to be debated because this is the basis of spending billions of dollars worldwide.”

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