Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ouch! "Looks like Kevin was the brains of the outfit"

Gillard gets into trouble on Lateline, and refuses to say what her plan B is if East Timor doesn’t play ball. Among the lowlights:

TONY JONES: But do you know what the unemployment rate in East Timor is? It’s 40 per cent, 20 per cent in the urban areas. I mean how are the East Timorese going to feel about Australians providing jobs to asylum seekers in their country?

JULIA GILLARD: Well, Tony, you’re putting to me something that the president of East Timor said to you. So he obviously believes it has benefits. Do I believe that, you know, work has benefits for people? Well, of course I do, in our own country of Australia, I would say one of my greatest obligations as Prime Minister is to keep the economy strong so it can offer people the benefit of jobs and work with the pay packet that comes and the self-dignity that comes.

TONY JONES: You’re talking about Australia now and we were talking about jobs for asylum seekers in East Timor.

In fact, it’s even worse. Gillard’s “plan” would have us paying lots of money to largely Muslim boat people to give them jobs in a Christian country where almost half the people have no work themselves, and must get by on just a couple of dollars a day. If you wanted to stir up ethnic or religious riots in an unstable country, this is an excellent way to go about it.

Reader MAGB:

Looks like Kevin was the brains of the outfit.

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