Sunday, July 4, 2010

Labor's policy that lured so many asylum seekers to their deaths was largely @JuliaGillard's work

Andrew Bolt:

Let’s remember a few things before people start congraluting Gillard for toughening up silly Kevin Rudd’s weak border protection laws.

First, the Rudd laws which promptly lured so many boats here were largely Gillard’s own work, as she said on Sky News last year (no link):
DAVID SPEERS: … You began the process of crafting Labor’s immigration policy back when you were Shadow Minister, some years ago. Given the influx we’ve seen of arrivals this year, more than 1700 this year, do you still think Labor has the balance right between a humane approach but also providing some deterrence?

JULIA GILLARD: I think we do have the balance right and I started crafting Labor’s immigration policy after the 2001 election which became famous, of course, for children overboard.

Much more here.

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