Monday, July 12, 2010

A detailed rebuttal [and threat of legal proceedings?] to John Abraham from Lord Monckton

I don’t have a dog in this fight, as this is between two people with opposing viewpoints, but I’m happy to pass on this rebuttal from Christopher Monckton, who writes:

Professor Abraham, who had widely circulated a serially mendacious 83-minute personal attack on me on the internet, has had a month to reply to my questions.

I now attach a) a press statement; b) a copy of the long letter in which I ask the Professor almost 500 questions about his unprovoked attack on me; and c) the full subsequent correspondence. I’d be most grateful if you would circulate all this material as widely as you can. The other side has had much fun at my expense: without you, I can’t get my side heard, so I’d be most grateful if you would publicize this material.

Links to both Abraham’s and Monckton’s presentations follow. 

I’ll let readers be the judge.


(NOTE: He uses Adobe presenter – may not work on all browsers)

Monckton: monckton-warm-abra-qq2 (PDF)

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