Saturday, July 24, 2010

Channel 7 dredges up a joke Abbott made 30 years ago to shaft him on behalf of Labor

I will thank Channel 7 for one thing though.

It has proved my argument that the excuse lefties use when they can finally no longer deny that the ABC is hopelessly biased towards the Left, ie that this forms a "natural" balance to the conservative bias of the commercial media, is nothing more than delusional bullshit.

The media as a whole is, (and as I'm in a generous mood this morning let's extend the love to David Marr and his honest admission of this), overwhelmingly Left-wing in orientation and bias.

This is why Julia Gillard is given one free-pass after another while someone like Tony Abbott has the media forensically prosecuting the case as to why his physical fitness is somehow wrong and an reason to be against him.

Gillard has consistently lied about her past with the Socialist Forum and was the "other woman" that lead to the break up of Labor minister Craig Emerson's marriage. But what's the bet that Channel 7 will stay well clear of that little tit-bit?

What exactly did we do to deserve such a poor excuse for a media in this country? Just how badly are we served by these biased hacks dishing up idiotic non-stories as if they were important?
Briefly ignoring Julia Gillard command to “move forward”, Channel 7 - I suspect with Labor’s help - delves back to a joke Tony Abbott made nearly 30 years ago about Prince Charles having given a speech that was “about as much use as Linda Lovelace with her mouth closed”.

For “balance” it does include the briefest of references to Gillard “past as a hard-core Left-winger”, which is a bland way of describing her leadership of the Socialist Forum, which helped to recycle former Communist Party members into the Labor Party.

Worse, Channel 7 failure to note that Gillard was in fact telling a flagrant untruth in the one grab it showed of her explaining away that past:
I was 20 and 21.
In fact, Gillard was already 22 or 23 when the Socialist Forum was formed, and she wrote radical pamphlets for the Socialist Forum in her mid 20s . She remained a member until she was at least 40, according to her own parliamentary register of interests:
The parliamentary register of interests states Ms Gillard remained a member of Socialist Forum from 1998-2002, after which the group merged with the Fabian Society.

The Herald Sun has also seen a 1994 promotional flyer presenting her as a guest speaker at a Forum event. It describes her as a “member of the Socialist Forum Management Committee”.
She would then have been at least 32.

Previously Gillard has claimed she was merely the part-time typist for the Socialist Forum, which she in fact served as a member of its management committee.

I’d say Gillard;s pattern of deceit over her role in a radical Leftist group - a role that lasted until as recently as eight years ago - is of far greater importance than an inconsequential joke told by Abbott 28 years ago, and honestly confessed to.

But note that also gleefully jumping onto this story is the “moving forward” Age:
Note also the complete absence once more of any mention of Gillard’s own past.

This “report” seems the work of Labor’s muckrakers, trying to destroy Abbott’s female vote. Which has reader Andrew V wondering why it doesn’t cut both ways:
Even better, if these guys are gonna hammer Abbott for a thirty year joke, why don’t they investigate, as has been mentioned by readers of this blog a number of times, her relaionship with Craig Emerson, which resulted in him leaving his wife!?

Wanna turn women off Gillardine, imagine if they find out she was “The Other Woman”, someone which most women seem to despise. Indeed, it is damn near impossible to find any information about it, as I tried this search, and wasn’t able to find much on the details of the Emerson split! Why ignore that over Abbott’s joke?

This media has a lot to answer for!!

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Anonymous said...

Yawn. It's well known that the majority of media in Australia is right wing.

Anonymous said...

Then there's always Brendan nelson's affairs, John Howard's affairs, Tony Abbott's lechery...they're Alphas ferchrissakes! They think they're all that and more. They all do it. So tell us something we don't know already.