Friday, July 2, 2010

Live Green before you vote it

Mr Andrew Bolt points out another example of these strange irrational times we live in, full of pompous poseurs who haven't got a clue.

I realise the Greens can't count, but so many others? At least the Greens MP didn't repeat the lie that "baseload" solar exists and is ready to go!
Oh, please. If you think this is remotely possible, dear Greens voter, consider first that this state is actually predicted to need 50 per cent more power by 2030, even though many companies, hit with higher power bills, have tried for years to cut their use.

Then go around your home - and, more importantly, your factory - and switch off half the power.

With all appliances off, look proudly at the appalled people around you in winter and say, “Isn’t it great we’re all freezing to death for the planet?”

Or, in summer, for variety, ask: “Isn’t it lovely to be sweating in this furnace now that I’ve switched off the aircon?”

And then, by the kerosene lamp at home, try to figure out the next step. After all, you’re still only halfway to replacing the 95 per cent of electricity the Greens plan to ban.

Let me just try to get it through your cable-knit beanie how impossible that is without reducing this state to the standard of living endured by people who burn cow dung for their cooking.

For Earth Hour this year, the zealots at Melbourne University tried especially hard to cut their power. The university exhorted staff and students to do their best to save the planet from their electricity, and to “turn off all lights and appliances”. All of them.

And the result? Read the University’s boast: “Electricity consumption on the Earth Hour weekend dropped by 5.51 per cent compared with a 2010 business as usual weekend.”

Less than 6 per cent? After all that special sacrifice? For just one weekend?

Whoopee do. And that’s from a mere university, mind, which runs no heavy industry or essential services, and had almost no one in the joint over that weekend actually wanting to work or switch on so much as a toaster or kettle.

Just 90 per cent to go, guys, before you live the Greens’ dream.

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