Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do we have the worst media in the world?

I am starting to wonder.

Been following today the latest "gotcha" moment in the media, ie the supposed ultra-embarrassment of Tony Abbott when he blundered into a fruit & veg shop run by a Vietnamese refugee.

You get it - he wants to stop the boats and who does his incompetent campaign, (which according to Channel 7 already has the wheels falling off of it after a couple of days), put him in front of? A boat person.

Oh how they laughed and tittered and guffawed. It gelled so, so perfectly with what your average Lefty member of the media so wanted to see.

Except for one tiny little problem.

Mr Tran, apart from saying he'll probably vote for Mr Abbott anyway, wasn't a boat person.

He fled from Vietnam to Indonesia, where he claimed asylum and then spent time in a camp waiting his turn to be accepted for resettlement in Australia.

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