Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tim Flannery again fails to disclose his financial interest in Geothermia

From Andrew Bolt:

The Age chooses warming alarmist Tim Flannery as one of 10 “leading Australians” to lead “an informed debate about our future”. So Flannery writes:

I have long argued that we should develop a city in the Cooper Basin — a Geothermia — as a hub for minerals processing dependent entirely on clean renewable energy.

There are two things that, yet again, are missing from Flannery’s spruiking of geothermal power and this particular site. First, he is an investor in the geothermal test plant in the Cooper Basin, and, second, his plant has beencrippled by technological difficulties. As I noted when I interviewed him on MTR: 

Bolt: You’re an investor in geothermal technology , aren’t you?

Flannery: Yeah, I am. Indeed.

How come you don’t declare that.

Flannery: Well, I’ve just done it.

Bolt: You just did because I told you.  You said that geothermal , which you are in investor of, you’ve got a plant, you’ve invested in a plant in Innamincka and you said the technology was really easy. How come that plant....

Flannery: Not really that easy.

Bolt: Well, yes.  It’s actually had technological difficulties and it’s been delayed two years because it’s not that easy, after all, is it?


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