Thursday, August 5, 2010

But if he'd said "f. off" to the magistrate..

It’s time the politicians made clear to magistrates and judges that rather than surrender to “community standards” they should actually set some:

A QUEENSLAND magistrate has ruled that it is acceptable for people to tell police officers to “f--- off”. 
Magistrate Peter Smid yesterday threw out the court case against Mundingburra man Bardon Kaitira, 28, who swore at a female officer outside the Consortium night club on December 20, last year at 2.40am, The Townsville Bulletin reports.

Constable Belinda Young gave evidence that Mr Kaitira used the swear word twice towards her after a group of officers patrolling Flinders St East poured out his girlfriend’s drink.

“The defendant said ‘f--- off’ and starting walking away and I asked: ‘What did you say?’,” she said.

“He said ‘f--- off” again...”

Magistrate Smid said he was not satisfied Mr Kaitira committed an offence and police could be liable for his legal bills.

“The defendant spoke normally, he had his hands in his pockets and walked away,” Magistrate Smid said.

“It’s not the most polite way of speaking but those who walk the beat would be quite immune to the words.”

Really? If police were so immune to those words, they would keep trying to charge ferals for using them. It seems to me that it would be healthier for our courts to uphold the police view of what’s offensive than that of the morons offending them.

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