Thursday, August 19, 2010

Greens caught stacking calls to talkback radio #ausvotes

The Greens stack talkback to bail out flailing Bob Brown:
THE Greens have been caught red-handed trying to ‘’stack’’ calls to talkback kings Neil Mitchell and Jon Faine with pro-Bob Brown messages. The Age has obtained internal emails showing the Greens’ Victorian media officer, Tom Maclachlan, urged members to hit the phones as Senator Brown did interviews with Faine on ABC Radio and then Mitchell on 3AW.

At 9.19am on July 21, Mr Maclachlan emailed supporters saying: ‘’Well done everyone - 30 positive texts for Bob on Faine. Don’t forget to call in too.

‘’Now on to 3AW, where Bob will take on Neil Mitchell, an even harder taskmaster. Please let everyone know again (this seems to be working).’’..

The leaked emails show senior Greens were concerned Senator Brown sounded extremely uncomfortable in his interview on 3AW about the party’s backroom deal with Labor under which the minor party agreed to direct preferences to the ALP in 54 lower house seats across the country.

At 10.25am on July 21, the (Greens) candidate for the marginal outer Melbourne seat of McEwen, Steve Meacher, wrote: ‘’If any of you are listening to 3AW this morning you will be aware of Bob’s extreme discomfort at the shady preference deal with Labor and the fact that, as party leader, even he doesn’t know which 54 seats were sold out - not a good look for the Greens.’’
Much more detail from Andrew Landeryou.

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